UKAmateurFootball.com is the  home of amateur football in the United Kingdom. The community was launched in November, 2014, with the aim to give individuals involved or wishing to be involved in amateur football within the UK a valuable resource. The website hosts a UK Amateur Football Directory, the ultimate aim being, and with your help, to list every team in the UK, searchable by your region. More information on the directory can be found further down the page.

UK Amateur Football also hosts a community forum with the aim is to build the UK’s largest amateur football community, discussing the beautiful game. Again, more information on the hopes for the forum can be found further down this page.

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UK Amateur Football Forum

  • Fixtures and results

    Keep up to date with fixtures and results from your league. (If your league is not currently on the forum then let us know and we will change that)

  • Match reports

    Post, chat about or  just browse through all the drama from the weekends games.

  • List items for sale or wanted

    Are you looking for a new kit for your team? or are you looking to sell a kit? Our for sale/wanted section of the forum could be just for you.

  • Find a club or player

    If you are on the lookout for a new team or new player then there is no better place to do that than on the forum.

UK Amateur Football Club Directory

  • List your football club.

    List your club on the directory so potential players, opponents, or supporters can find and contact you.

  • Find an amateur club in your area

    The directory can be searched by location showing you all the clubs in your area. From there you can contact clubs directly.

Put the latest additions to the directory in here